Not Exactly Tim the Enchanter

Published: 11-06-2012 by Kenneth tags: django forms formwizard

Django has always been hailed as having great, awesome documentation. And, for the most part, this distinction has been deserved. But every once in a while, you find an area that's just...lacking. An area that you know exists but you've never gone into because it didn't ...

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AJAX and Django Views

Published: 06-26-2012 by Chris and Kenneth tags: django ajax jquery

It seems that cleanly and easily doing AJAX views in Django is an area that gives a lot of people trouble. We like to do views as straight HTTP if at all possible, but there are always interactions that would be better served by not having a page load. We ...

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Our Custom Mixins

Published: 06-26-2012 by Chris tags: django CBVs

UPDATE: We've released a Github repo and a PyPI package with our mixins. Feel free to fork and submit new ones through a pull-request.

Let's just start out and say it, Class Based Views. Ooohhhh. Unfortunately the topic of class based views is thought of as somewhat of ...

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User-friendlier model forms

Published: 06-26-2012 by Kenneth tags: django python forms models

Recently, in our large client project, we had need of fields, in a model form, that accepted multiple types of input, but sanitized the data for the model. For example, the rent field, on the form, needs to handle a rent range (e.g. 900-1200), a single amount, or be ...

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What We Use

Published: 06-26-2012 by Kenneth tags: workflow tools

We've noticed several people publishing lists of what they use to do their work lately, so we thought we'd join in. Below are the tools we use nearly every day to do our work. If you don't know, our work is the entire stack, from setting up ...

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Change Request Workflow

Published: 02-26-2012 by Kenneth tags: django workflow python

Before we start, let me explain a bit about what the app we're covering here is. It's a geo-spatial database, basically, of Points of Interest (POIs) for housing communities that we developed for a client of ours (or, rather, are still developing). Users and editors can both enter ...

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Semantic Snakeoil

Published: 10-03-2011 by Kenneth tags: semantics html css

For years now, we've been told that we should always use semantic class names and IDs in our HTML. And, in general, this is a good practice, I don't want anyone to think it's not. You should make your markup, all aspects of it, as accurate and ...

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