Not Exactly Tim the Enchanter

Published: 11-06-2012 by Kenneth tags: django forms formwizard

Django has always been hailed as having great, awesome documentation. And, for the most part, this distinction has been deserved. But every once in a while, you find an area that's just...lacking. An area that you know exists but you've never gone into because it didn't ...

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AJAX and Django Views

Published: 06-26-2012 by Chris and Kenneth tags: django ajax jquery

It seems that cleanly and easily doing AJAX views in Django is an area that gives a lot of people trouble. We like to do views as straight HTTP if at all possible, but there are always interactions that would be better served by not having a page load. We ...

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Our Custom Mixins

Published: 06-26-2012 by Chris tags: django CBVs

UPDATE: We've released a Github repo and a PyPI package with our mixins. Feel free to fork and submit new ones through a pull-request.

Let's just start out and say it, Class Based Views. Ooohhhh. Unfortunately the topic of class based views is thought of as somewhat of ...

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User-friendlier model forms

Published: 06-26-2012 by Kenneth tags: django python forms models

Recently, in our large client project, we had need of fields, in a model form, that accepted multiple types of input, but sanitized the data for the model. For example, the rent field, on the form, needs to handle a rent range (e.g. 900-1200), a single amount, or be ...

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Change Request Workflow

Published: 02-26-2012 by Kenneth tags: django workflow python

Before we start, let me explain a bit about what the app we're covering here is. It's a geo-spatial database, basically, of Points of Interest (POIs) for housing communities that we developed for a client of ours (or, rather, are still developing). Users and editors can both enter ...

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